Issue: 2009-12-24

The Sacred Flower of Christmas

The revered holiday poinsettia is among the most-beautiful and significant flowering plants of the holiday season. Also known as the Christmas star or Christmas Flower, the poinsettia has history rich with tradition and meaning. One of my favourite Christmas stories tells of the humble beginnings of the Mexican poinsettia flower. The story tells of a …

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Crescent Moon in December

Mid-morning … and there’s a fairy tale moon in the sky; a sliver of silver fit for cows to jump over, curved enough to hold a young boy with a fishing pole, a backdrop for ET perched in the carrier basket of a bicycle, pale and shining against the rosette glow of a mid-December morning.

A Tribute to Marcella

“Hey,” Marcella says, “do you want to be on our team for a bike race?” I was visiting Marcella in her store above Shoppers on Main Street. My answer was ” … uh, I don’t have a bike.” “Oh, that’s OK, I can lend you one.” We’d met the previous spring, training for a Mothers’ …

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Artrepreneur: From Illustrations to Intrigue

Original black-and-white illustrations for The Midnight-Blue Marble animate the maroon walls of Baked Café for the month of December. A grid of 15 pieces of illustration board, each about 12 by 16 inches, fills the larger wall between the street door, the one that is currently closed during construction and cold weather, and the gelato …

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The arts can be your community

Sitting at a table in the Gold Pan Saloon, enjoying a reception for the Santa Claus Parade volunteers, I met some incredible young people who were new to the Yukon. They came here, without knowing anyone, and sought a “community” to join. None of them played sports and they didn’t work in large offices that …

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Whose life is it anyway?

Finders, keepers. Right? Well, adults will likely respond with, “It depends.” OK. This is something that was obviously discarded … but it was seven meticulously cared-for photo albums of a family … but the person who found them put a lot of work into them to create a play … but the person who threw …

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Wine Throughout the Year

As we race toward Christmas and the new year of promise that follows, I can’t help but reflect on the wonderful and poignant experiences that have transpired over these last 12 months. Post-Christmas, last year, began with a wonderful evening among friends at a cabin in Tagish, meeting and making new and special friends and …

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