Issue: 2010-01-21


There’s a coyote on the airstrip at Braeburn today, trotting north on the cleared runway with his nose in the air and his tail like a windsock. A bit of a fraud, that, for there is no wind save that of his making and he will have to rev his engine mightily to get airborne …

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A Man of Many Materials REVIEW

Mark Preston’s show at Arts Underground is titled with his name, then subtitled with a list of materials. To Wood Stone Metal Cloth Sculpture Jewelry Painting could be added “paper, drawing and a kind of printmaking”. The show acts as a kind of portfolio of Preston’s various kinds of work. It includes two portfolios of …

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Celebrate Gypsy Jazz with Django Week

Whitehorse is celebrating “Django Week” to honour the eccentric Gypsy jazz legend and musical genius, Jean ‘Django’ Reinhardt, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday Jan. 23. Django Reinhardt died in 1953, but his skill with the guitar and innovative style – due to his disabled fingers — still resonate with jazz musicians today. He …

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The 3rd annual Pivot Festival: Floating, swimming, flying

The Pivot Festival is upon us — and with it comes a huge ton of theatre. You have six shows you can see at multiple times, all wildly different, appealing to both broad and specific audiences. It’s like a carnival of mad, wonderful theatre taking over the town for a week. Feeling a bit like …

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Nostalgia for Rendezvous Past

The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous began in 1945. The prime feature of the festival was the colourful dog races made up of working dogs owned by trappers, the village priest or the RCMP. Held on the Yukon River (yes, kiddies, the river froze) against the background of the picturesque sternwheelers, it was a scene of pure …

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