Issue: 2010-03-18

Those Irish Eyes … (… Potato eyes, that is!)

Our cool northern climate is similar to conditions in Ireland where so many potatoes (with Irish  eyes) grow plentifully. Yukon Gold potatoes, along with the humble cabbage, are the ingredients for a simple, satisfying and cheap soup. Accompanied with a brown soda bread, you have the makings of a St. Patrick’s Day lunch or supper. …

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Daniel and Matthew

In the queer community, gays and lesbians fall along a spectrum that makes them “identifiable” as a gay person. Lesbians can be anything from very feminine to extremely masculine, as can gay men. Very effeminate gay men are flamers and really masculine women are butch. These people exist on the extreme of the spectrum and …

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Offering Shelter

Kip Veale is right at home among the throngs of people who are participating in Rendezvous at Shipyard’s Park. As Yukoners celebrate the coming of spring and the longer hours of daylight, Veale stands outside a large camping tent. She engages passersby with a bright smile and an infectious sense of enthusiasm. But there’s something …

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Next week (March 25 to 27), we’re going to have the second instalment of last year’s popular Doors Open Dawson event, in which locals and visitors get to walk through a selection of Parks buildings, institutions, businesses and private homes that are not usually open to the public. Last year’s event was such a hit …

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