Issue: 2010-04-22

A friend in the house

I’ve discovered that if you want to meet some terrific people, just advertise your house for sale. Immediately, people start phoning you to ask to drop by to have a look. This is what happened to Daisy and I last month when we decided to sell our house privately. These really nice people came by …

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Springtime Rice

In old Klondike days, about the time of spring break-up, often all that was left in the cabin  larder was a bag of rice. With a few weathered, withered and dried vegetables, even a prospector or miner could rustle up the vittles in a stir-fry like this. We have it much easier now. Colourful and …

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The Tics of Our Clocks

Recently, I came across something particularly interesting while engaged in my usual morning “Face-stalking”. For those not familiar with the term, it refers to one using a highly popular social networking site to catch up on the various goings-on of their friends, by reading their status updates, without having actually to bother calling them. Handy …

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