Issue: 2010-05-06

Rekindling an old flame

These iPads and Kindles gladden my heart as I see it as one more step toward re-establishing the written word as the king of communication. (You all know that I’m an editor, right?) I had worried when I saw the rise of television replace books, and the teleph one replace hand-written notes. I’m not that …

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Camping in April is Possible

”The bears aren’t out yet,” stated Louise in a confident tone of voice in response to a concern expressed about spring camping. “It’s too early.” In view of the fact that we were outside, seated around a cozy campfire located not far from our tent, this was reassuring information to hear, so we accepted it …

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Spring Forth Into Your Garden

Most gardeners await the spring season with the greatest of anticipation. We watch patiently for those first bulbs and perennials to spring forth into our gardens. As the last of the snow melts and the days become longer, we know that soon we will be out cultivating our gardens. On the first warm day of …

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