Issue: 2010-07-29

The music moves to Haines

Once again, the streets of Whitehorse will be bare as its citizens flock to the next big summer weekend event. On this weekend, July 29 to Aug. 1, the draw will be the Southeast Alaska S tate Fair in Haines, Alaska. The private, non-profit organization is once again filling its 42 acres of land with …

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Fishing with Another Generation

As a parent with young kids, I am often concerned about the next generation. I know that children are not getting outside as much anymore. They don’t have as much unstructured play in parks, around trees, or in muddy marshes. I have many childhood memories living in the lower mainland where we were set free …

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Their Own Thousand Words on Africa

Local photographer Lisa Marino believes in the power of her medium. According to her, photographs are a “universal language” in which people from a variety of backgrounds can experience commonality. “Eight different people from eight different cultures can all look at the same picture and understand it,” says Marino. As such, photographers can be, among …

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Is It Cool to be Gay?

I have been having Facebook discussions with several people lately over the whole bi-curious issue, if we can in fact call it an issue. In the community, the bi-curious are those individuals who are questioning their sexuality and exploring it. This discussion began when I put a flippant comment up on my profile about bi-curious …

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