Issue: 2010-08-19

Decaying Memories

Iremember the steamboats, the old man said. I remember them coming in spring. I remember the paddlewheels churning the water and bringing us many good things. I remember us kids rushing down to the docks. each wanting so hard to be first to see what was unloaded, rolled off the decks, hearts pounding as if …

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The new world of Arctica Magazine

Lily Gontard is learning to embrace the paradox that is the Internet. It’s a technical wonder that wasn’t even guessed at, back when Captain Kirk walked through sliding doors and talked on his “cell phone”, yet it has allowed the very organic expression of ideas that has found a home in her Arctica Magazine at …

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Lightweight Foods to Lighten The Load

Here are two lightweight and quick-to-prepare recipes sure to deliver loads of flavour and little  weight while being carried in your pack, canoe or kayak. The taste of a meal increases dramatically when eaten in our fresh Yukon outdoors. Once you are at camp, it brightens everyone’s outlook when hearty foods are offered to weary, …

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Manifesting an Adventure

Anybody ever read the book The Secret? If you have, you know it is about manifesting your best life ever. I spent the last hour manifesting my next motorcycle adventure. Physically, I’ve been sitting on an airplane travelling between Whitehorse and Vancouver. That means my motorcycle is not my best buddy on this trip. It …

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