Issue: 2010-09-02

Next Year’s Garden Season Begins Now

Although this year’s gardening season is winding down, next year’s season is just beginning. I heard quite a few years ago, that someone was experimenting with planting crops such as carrots and beets in the fall with the expectation that they would be much further ahead in harvesting than spring-planted carrots. I was too busy …

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Alone on the Road

Neil Pert, in his book Ghost Rider, said that for “the ‘armchair traveller’, it’s only the vicarious, pristine experiences they want to share … not the unhygienic, exhausting reality … the solitary traveller is frequently invested by others with an aura of romance, myth and desire.” I read this in a $30 a night hotel …

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When the Outhouses Get Running

Poetry à la Commode If you’re looking for good weekend sport then Dawson’s still holding the fort. Be real spiffy and bring your own biffy and then you will not get caught short. here was a time when Dawson’s Great International Outhouse Race was at least partly a serious affair. Hmmm. You may be wondering …

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Companion Planting in the Garden

Just like people, plants thrive when in the right company. Camaraderie in the garden is something one might not necessarily think of, however the benefits of putting plants together in the right relationship is quite notable and interesting. In companion gardening, varieties of herbs, vegetables and flowers work together in partnership to nurture and protect …

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Refreshing Riff Rock

The members of Whitehorse’s newest band, Abscess of the Dog (AOTD), sit in a comfortable Riverdale living room and drink scotch. Matt Larsen, the band’s drummer, is a new father, and that is cause for celebration. Larsen, Lars Jessup and Kinden Kosick were friends long before they were ever bandmates. Jessup and Larsen are both …

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