Issue: 2010-11-04

Self-loathing Queers

I was watching All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise a while back – a documentary about Rosie O’Donnell’s gay family cruises. In the film they interviewed various people, including the mother of a woman who had accompanied her daughter on this cruise in a show of support. The mother was saying how her husband had refused …

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Face it, Yukoners Like Booze

American liquor connoisseurs have Canada to thank for keeping their palates wet during Prohibition, as it was Canadians who made sure they didn’t go thirsty. In fact, in its heyday Canadian-based Seagrams was the largest distiller in the world. It’s no wonder than that Canadians are always near, if not at, the top when it …

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The Odd Places Some People Live

Dawson City has long been known for unique answers to its housing shortage, especially in the summer, when the place is flooded with summer people (or summerdoughs) looking for work and a cheap place to live. Some of them live in run down buildings that probably don’t meet any kind of safety standard. Some have …

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Artrepreneur: Watching the edges

Judy Matechuk’s show Through These Eyes succeeds best where she works deliberately with edges. On the walls at Arts Underground you will find textile pieces made of glass laid over pieced-together fabric landscapes which may be stitched or paint-altered. Sometimes photographs are digitally printed onto the fabric to create a background landscape, instead of piecing …

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Middle row, centre: Red: Inspired by Two Key Predecessors

Many movies dealing with the CIA seem to draw from two seminal films for their inspiration. One is the 1962 thriller The Manchurian Candidate, starring Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey, (later remade in 2004, with Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep). The other is Three Days of the Condor, filmed in 1975 with Robert …

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