Issue: 2010-12-09

Films and Dreams

Okay film-lovers, try this. Go stand close to a mirror, eight or nine inches away. Look steadily for a full second into one eye, then into the other eye. Now move your gaze back and forth as quickly as you can. Can you see your eyes moving? Or does your brain, like most people’s brains, …

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The low of coming home

I don’t like to admit it, but I hate the feeling I get coming back home after a long motorcycle trip. There is so much stuff everywhere, routines become bad things instead of good things, and all I can think of is setting in place plans to get away again. Stuff is probably the biggest …

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Sally Ann’s Little Helper

Like store shelves bulging with goods and seasonal music bombarding the air, the appearance of the Salvation Army kettle is a sure sign that Christmas is not far off. In Whitehorse, one of the most recognizable faces beside that kettle belongs to Stan Marinoske. “I believe we started with the Sally Ann kettles the first …

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I Really Don’t Like Xmas

A new writer submitted a story the other day. A good story, too: well-written, informative, witty. But something in the first paragraph hit one of my uh-uh buttons. What made the veins on my forehead throb was a single word: Xmas. I really, really do not like Xmas. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing …

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To Music, Together

Has anyone heard of archerfish?” Joe Cooke describes how this fish can see both above and below water, and he encourages the musicians ringed around him to split their vision too – by looking at him and at their sheet music. Laughter ripples around the group as the image sinks in. Cooke, a guitarist, banker …

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Santa Claus, Pet Whisperer

Is Logan sick of getting the same old moose bones every year? Would Fluffy like a pink rhinestone-studded collar, or is beaver skin more her style? Okay, your furry friends won’t actually be able to tell Santa what they’d like for Christmas, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing them to Peabody’s Photo Parlour in …

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