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Issue: 2010-12-16

Maybe we are not alone

Yukon skies could be busier than usual next week as extraterrestrial visitors zoom in on the Yukon Arts Centre.The annual Longest Night celebration is taking a playful look at alien life forms through film, story and music.Among...

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Carols and Moonsongs

Who’s in for soaking up an afternoon of heartfelt acoustic and strong songwriting in a peaceful environment, while the snow outside drifts ever deeper?Copper Moon Gallery’s newest music series, Moonsongs, started up...

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The soul of the city

Michelangelo said of the city, “I have never felt salvation in nature. I love cities above all.”I was listening to CBC Radio’s Tapestry a few weeks ago. Mary Hynes was speaking with architects, pub-goers and...

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Gearing Up for Christmas

With Christmas soon arriving I am usually bombarded with emails enquiring, what is the best gift this season for a budding Yukon amateur astronomer?The first suggestion would be to recommend a subscription to Sky News...

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