Issue: 2011-03-17

The Blues for Burning

As a theatre designer, Stéphanie Lambert is used to creating things that aren’t meant to last. But not all of them are destined to go up in flames. That’s what will happen this weekend when her four-faced effigy of winter is sacrificed on a ceremonial bonfire at Robert Service Park. Lambert, a 2008 graduate in …

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A Special Guitar Comes Home

As a member of the WhiskeyDicks, Ryan Enns will be purveying high-energy “Celtic Gypsy Punk Rock” on Friday and Saturday at Foxy’s Cabaret. Come Sunday, he’ll offer a more intimate performance of solo voice and acoustic guitar at Whitehorse United Church. The second half of that concert will feature his own compositions as a singer-songwriter. …

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Remembering the Iron Man

Percy deWolfe, known as the Iron Man Mail Carrier, faced many unpredictable moments during his 38 years (1910-1949) on the trail between Dawson and Eagle. He did it all year round, so there were different factors every season. But sticking to the so-called “spring” when the Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race is run, Percy would …

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Bitter and Batter

If you read Dennis Zimmermann’s article last week on ice fishing and combined it with the weather in Whitehorse this weekend, you may well have grabbed your auger and hightailed it down to Pumphouse. Or maybe, like us, you still have a freezer full of fish from last summer’s amazing season and got inspired to …

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Click Here To Protest

Once again the internets were all abuzz last month about the rise of “Fox News North”. My Facebook feed was riddled with urgent cries to take action against the rise of, and I quote: “American-style hate media onto our airwaves.” This has already come ’round before, but maybe with Hockey Day in Canada and the …

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Bohemian Belles

The Bohemian look will always be a classic. It may seem effortless but it really is anything but. It’s a style that comes together by matching up items in your closet that you definitely did not purchase all in the same shopping trip. It will almost always consist of at least one item obtained from …

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