Issue: 2011-05-19

New Life, New Challenges

Well, spring has sprung. I am seeing the evidence of this everywhere. Trees and bushes are starting to bud, grass is coming up and crocuses are in full bloom. The geese are back and heading further north. The barn is getting cleaned out and the garden is drying off, although it isn’t quite dry enough …

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Green Eggs and Moose

I like to eat them by the lake, I like to eat them when I skate, I’d share them with a fox or goose, I do so love green eggs and moose. I have always admired Theodor Seuss Geisel, and his way of playing with language. In fact, I used to have a quilting studio …

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World of Words: Home truths About eBooks

The publishing industry is in some kind of spring flurry. In February this year, Amazon announced that, for the first month ever, their eBook sales outstripped paper sales. Then, in an article syndicated by the New York Times in March, HarperCollins announced lending limits for e-library books in an article called “Now at the library: …

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Rock in a Rush

Would-be rockers in Haines Junction and Faro have a chance to perfect their performance chops in the next few weeks, with help from rock trio Speed Control. The group, comprised of lead singer and guitarist Graeme Peters, drummer Spencer Cole and bassist Jody Peters, is offering “rock camps” in the two communities on back-to-back weekends, …

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Elfin Creek Magic

This morning I heard the grouse drumming. All these signs of spring! This drumming is the mating call of the male grouse. He produces it with his wings and it carries clearly through the forest. When you live in the Yukon, the chances that you have heard a chainsaw are pretty big. It sounds a …

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Klondike Catwalk

In a show of pre-season energy akin to athletes’ pre-game excitement, Parks Canada interpreters Carrie Docken and Carly Sims gallantly put on their copies of 100-year-old fashion and posed for What’s Up Yukon last week in Dawson City. Sims’ tea dress is a replica of the styles Martha Black and other Klondike pioneering women, of …

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