Issue: 2011-06-16

Will It Germinate?

Children, when learning to garden, show this quite plainly when they dig up a seed to see if it is doing anything. Sometimes this actually slows things down. And even though a seasoned gardener may have faith that everything will come up, they too sometimes have the urge to dig into a planted row and …

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What Per Cent Civility?

Well, talk about putting the civil back into civil disobedience. Most of you have probably heard the recent hoopla out of Parliament Hill. During the particularly ceremony-heavy Throne Speech, a page walked out into the middle of the floor and, in full view of the cameras and stunned costumed oldsters, she produced a red octagonal …

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Esther Winter on guitar).

Colour Me Mayo

Mayo is often Yukon’s hot spot in the summer, and this Saturday June 18,2011 it’s the hot spot for the arts and the Mayo Arts Festival

One Man’s Luchesse

Fashion is definitely not only for the ladies. Yet the unfortunate thing is that most men think it is. Taking care of your appearance or getting spiffed up can be appreciated by either sex. Current pop culture is headed in the right direction by showing men in more tailored clothing and bright colors. But men’s …

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Musical Friends

They’re doing it One More Time. For the fifth year in a row, two of the Yukon’s most popular – certainly most durable – musical groups are teaming up for a show loaded with nostalgia and upbeat melodies. Hank Karr and Company and The Canucks will get together at the Yukon Arts Centre next week …

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Bridging the Gap: Part 2

My time in pastoral New Zealand inspired me to pursue another goal of my gap year: to acquaint myself with some form of spirituality. I signed up for a yoga retreat at a mountaintop ashram overlooking the Tasman Sea and lush, rolling hills dotted by grazing Merino sheep and Friesian cows. I had never taken …

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