Issue: 2011-06-23

Underground Vibe Upstairs

A hidden gem is tucked away in the lot behind the Hougen’s centre, above Triple J’s Music Café. Accessible by a narrow, graffiti-covered staircase – and with a tattoo studio just off the display area – Gallery 22 is a small, one-room space with an artsy, underground vibe. It’s an eccentric showroom for both established …

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Everything in nature has a purpose. The purpose of the Noble Mosquito [Culiseta longiareolata] is to keep our campsites from becoming overcrowded. What I see as a minor annoyance in the overall experience of camping, those with a weaker constitution – or with less-developed mosquito-minimization strategies – succumb to like Kleenex on a campfire. And …

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A Very Active Elder

It all started when Bill Simpson went to the wrong meeting. “Went to a meeting. Paid my dues. Thought I was joining the Golden Age Society.” Instead, he found to his surprise that he had just joined the Golden Age Society.. It was the first step of a journey that recently earned him the Yukon …

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Boardwalks and Visitors

It figures. Leave town for a week and they change things. In this case, it’s the boardwalks they’re changing, and I can’t complain about that at all. Every few years it needs to be done. The boards rot away; the ground moves beneath them; and a year after they were last replaced what was straight …

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