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Issue: 2011-07-21

“Gap Year” Part 4

The last trip of my gap year (a study camp in Iceland) left me in disbelief that the year was already over, yet appreciating home more than ever.In a year of globetrotting, I had encountered precarious situations: having my...

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Wine on the Go

Last week I was cornered by someone who asked what her options were for taking wine along on a paddling trip.For me, part of the experience of enjoying the outdoors is to end a day with friends by setting up camp with a great...

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Sporting with Horses

Don’t know your Egg-and-Spoon from your Keyhole, or your Road Hack from your Show Hack? You can watch and learn this weekend as more than 50 horse-rider combinations compete in the Yukon Horse and Rider Association’s...

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When the Whistle Blows

It seems only fair to warn strangers to the fair metropolis of Dawson City that there are certain hours of the day when it would be best not to be walking on or cycling past the boardwalk next to the S.S. Keno. This is...

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A Musical Reality Check

If Bryden Baird had known more about the music business early on, he might have chosen a different career.”I may have considered just doing it for fun and having some other type of job,” he admits.”Fortunately,...

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