Issue: 2011-07-28

Ode to Beets

Most vegetables have their share of pests and problems. If it’s too wet, mildew will attack peas or tomatoes. An early fall frost can kill many of the garden vegetables commonly grown up here, such as lettuce and potatoes. Radishes, cabbages and others of that family have a beetle (I don’t know the name of …

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Prepping for the Trail Run

It’s been called one of the hardest marathons in North America by iRun magazine and one of the top 10 trail races in Canada by Canadian Running magazine. And it’s in our backyard. The Yukon River Trail Marathon takes place annually in Whitehorse at the beginning of August, attracting runners from across the continent. This …

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Speaking Frankly about Choices

Jessica Yee doesn’t mince her words. “As young people, our rights to our own bodies and spaces are fundamental to our own existence. They are our birthright,” the 25-year-old activist declares. Yee speaks about seeing people her own age experiencing violence and unwanted pregnancy and how that contributed to her work in sexual reproductive rights …

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Making a Mark(et)

From swiss chard to arctic charr, from jelly to jewelry – all this and more is on offer at the Fireweed Community Market at Shipyards Park. The market, which runs from 3-8 pm every Thursday from mid-May to mid-September, first set up shop in its present location in 2005. “In the late ’90s, I visited …

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Sunshine sketches of a northern town

Ask David Thompson what he’s read, and you’ll get a varied list: George Orwell, J.D. Salinger and the adventures of Antarctic explorers. Doesn’t sound like the stuff of a storyteller whose short story collection, Talking at the Woodpile, reads with the quick humour of Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. In this case …

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What Happens In Keno

In mid-June, the tiny community of Keno City (pop. 25) was invaded. The invasion was led by a veritable army of women from Dawson City (pop. 1,800), calling themselves the FOOPs, or the Female Order of Pioneers. Not to be mistaken with the YOOP, or the Yukon Order of Pioneers – an historic organization, steeped …

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