Issue: 2011-08-11

The Juggling Act

Sometimes farming takes on aspects of a circus act more than anything. In early spring, you throw one ball up in the air and order some chicks. Then another ball follows when you order a few piglets or goslings or both. With only two or three balls in the air, it seems quite reasonable to …

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Tasting the Money Diet

It wasn’t until I moved to the Yukon six years ago that I heard the term “money diet”, but I immediately liked the concept. Sometimes we diet because our life circumstances require it in order to restore or maintain our health. Other times we do it just because we are feeling a little beyond what …

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Mush Rush 101

The mossy floor of old growth forest is soft and damp. I breathe the air; warm and thick. My exhalation of carbon dioxide draws mosquitoes to descend on me like a plague, biting through my jeans to my flesh. “There!” my striped-touque, flannel-plaid-clad guide, Jeffery Mickelson, says from behind me. I retrace my steps and …

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