Issue: 2011-08-18

Going Slightly Batty

My wariness of bats – I won’t say abject terror, that’s far too strong – dates back to the Eisenhower era. I can even trace it to a particular evening in 1952 (the year of the green Pontiac Pathfinder), when a bat suddenly swooped through the living room of our rented cottage in Quebec. I …

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A Road Less Travelled

As you drive toward Kluane Lake an inconspicuous dirt road marked as “The Arctic Institute of North America” leads off to the right. If you choose to follow this path less taken you’ll find yourself confronted with a gravel airstrip and a hodgepodge of buildings populated by people sporting Carhartt pants, dirty jeans, and toques. …

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To Gas or Not to Gas?

We here at Beer Cache have just returned from a three-week brewery tour of the great craft brew state of Alaska. We were lucky enough to stroll around bright tanks, peak into mash tuns, hang out in chilled serving fridges and pull nails from barrels to sample back-room casked ales with the generous owners and …

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Takhini Salt Flats

Hiking into the Takhini Salt Flats used to mean parking on the narrow shoulder of the Alaska Highway. Now, thanks to road improvements around the Takhini River Bridge, there is a little pull-out. So ‘thank you’ to that construction crew. On a July day, after parking about a kilometre before the bridge, my friend and …

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Strange Things on Film

Braden Brickner’s first job was dishing out popcorn at the Yukon Cinema. Now, the 19-year-old Vanier Catholic Secondary School grad is about to produce his first indie film. With a marquee-filling title lifted straight from the most famous poem Robert Service ever penned, it’s an unusual take on the discovery of gold in the Klondike. …

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A Different Kind of Care

Listen to that,” says Cristy Willett, interrupting herself. I can’t hear anything. Just the sound of the wind in the trees on Willett’s property, just south of the Carcross Cutoff. “That’s the point,” says Willett. “That’s the sound of 30 dogs when they are happy; they don’t make noise.” Willett runs the newest dog sanctuary …

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