Issue: 2011-09-22

Painting With a Camera

André Gallant proves that you don’t need a brush to be a painter. His expressive photography creates the impression of a painting for the viewer through a series of techniques he has been perfecting over the last decade. “I had been working as a photographer for about 15 years, focusing on travel photography because it …

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Many-flavoured Musical Fare

It’s not surprising that Darren Sigesmund blends the occasional food analogy into a conversation about music. The 42-year-old jazz musician is not only a trombonist, bandleader and composer. He’s also a professional chef. And he sees a clear connection between music and cuisine. “The general principles, I think, are very similar,” he says. “You have …

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A Tale of Two Star Parties

For most northern astronomers, summer is either solar observing, or waiting for the return of the autumn night skies. The other option is to head to a star party in the southern part of the country. This year we went to one of our favourite star parties at Mount Kobau, right outside Osoyoos in B.C. …

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Something About Clowns

For those who may not know, Mump and Smoot are probably the best-known theatre clowns in the country. Not many people my age know it, that’s for sure. If only there were a Mump and Smoot video game … They even had a cult following back in the 1990s. That is a feat in itself, …

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Sports in the Extreme

The biggest lesson is to like what you do and do it because you want to do it – do it for yourself.” While that advice might apply to almost any undertaking, Wade Hoyt is speaking specifically about his career – making films about extreme sports. Hoyt’s company, Standard Films, has specialized in producing snowboard …

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Another Housing Crunch

First, and most obviously, it is now attached to its sister institution, the new campus for Yukon College (or Tr’odek Hatr’unohtan Zho), as noted here two issues ago. Then there are new staff members, with Sam Cheuk coming on board to take the English instructor’s post and Nicole Rayburn filling in for a semester on …

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