Issue: 2011-10-20

Ultimately It’s About Fun

The Yukon Ultimate Frisbee Team will travel over 2,000 km next week to join with colleagues from the NWT, dress in costumes, and represent the North at one of Western Canada’s most notorious tournaments. The Pumpkin Pull is an annual ultimate frisbee tournament that takes place over the Hallowe’en weekend in Victoria, BC. Teams from …

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A Condition of Kings

When it’s your turn to step up and spin the wheel of old man diseases, “gout” ain’t that bad a spot for it to land on. See, I woke up some time ago, to my foot suddenly deciding it didn’t want to be walked on. Either I was kicking footballs all night in my sleep, …

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Considering Food Security

Well, it’s harvest time again. Whether you’re a gardener, hunter, berry picker or farmer, the freezer starts to fill up for us all. Not so long ago everyone did some sort of fall harvest and food preservation. Large chains of supermarket type stores have almost done away with this sort of practice. It is possible …

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Confusion and Betrayal

When siblings embark on a new life together in unfamiliar surroundings, it can often result in confusion, conflict, even betrayal. Especially if one is working hard to keep everything together and the other’s life is a mess. That’s the premise of Wake and Bake, a new play by Whitehorse playwright Dean Eyre, which is currently …

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