Issue: 2011-11-17

At Your Service

In the quarter century since the late Rob Harvey founded Yukon Engineering Services (YES), the company has had its hand in the majority of mining venture in Yukon and northern B.C. It’s not hard to see why. With expertise in everything from designing tailings and water dams, to conducting site surveys and mapping, ore body …

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Cool Veggies

Most people associate fresh vegetables with summer, especially in the Yukon. So when my cousin came for a visit near the end of October, she wasn’t expecting anything to be growing in my garden. She is from southern Manitoba, where seasons are longer than ours and she hadn’t heard of harvesting in October. When she …

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Disembarking at Yukon College

Halin de Repentigny’s canoe has a new home. On November 16 at 10 a.m., the 30-foot long by six-foot wide canoe was set to be suspended near the cafeteria at Yukon College in Whitehorse. This ended de Repentigny’s year-long search for a permanent place for this canoe, since it was kept at the Copper Moon …

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Memories of Life in Dawson

Publishing timelines sometimes just don’t mesh with reality. Ten days ago I could have written three of these advance-notice style columns about the crowded schedule we’re having this week (November 7 to 11). However, the theme of this column, whenever possible, is to look into the future and there’s not a lot going on 10 …

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Bunny Love

Contemplating moving from Toronto to Dawson, I thought a lot about what I’d be giving up. I didn’t anticipate all the “firsts”

Moving With the Boom

When John Small started his expediting business, he was operating part-time from his home. His sole vehicle was an eight-year-old, two-wheel drive Yukon Government surplus half-ton he used for deliveries to the Minto mine site. That was back in 2004, when the Yukon’s mining industry was in “dire straits.” Fast forward seven years. Small’s Expediting …

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A Pan-Northern Performance

It may not have the national audience of a CBC-TV True North concert. And it may not cover as much geography as the cultural events at the upcoming Arctic Winter Games. But a concert at the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) this week is still a major undertaking that will showcase traditional and contemporary performances from …

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Core Commitment

They are sturdy but simple wooden boxes. But they’re indispensable to the mining industry – exploration programs go through them by the thousands every year. And a little known plant in a quiet industrial park in the north-west corner of Whitehorse churns them out year-round for shipping throughout the territory, as well as Alaska and …

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Gaining Momentum – Safely

Inside a brightly-lit building on Burns Road stand two large, rectangular steel boxes that look like shipping containers. Because that’s essentially what they are. Inside each one is what Doug Burgis jokingly calls a big Ninento machine. Burgis is the training manager for Northern Safety Network Yukon (NSNY), and the building is the network’s Safety …

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