Issue: 2012-01-26

Rural Tech Matters

Peter Menzies’ commitment to trades education at Robert Service School (RSS) in Dawson City is setting an example for the Yukon. According to Menzies, a teacher since 2004, there is a serious lack of technology-based education in rural Yukon schools. This may come as a surprise, considering the territory’s skilled worker shortage and the increasing …

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The Warriors of -35

The eventuality has come to pass – the cold snap has finally caught up with us. After spending the winter to date enjoying generally mild temperatures, allowing even the most cold-averse of us to enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, and pond hockey, we are facing the fact that -35 (without wind chill) has become our new reality. …

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Artrepreneur: Pants on Fire: Sam McGee and the Illusive North North

North has never been true, exactly. We know that. It’s a relative kind of thing. Even if you look at a compass, you have to correct for the fact that Earth’s magnetic pole resides a bit over from the North Pole itself. This adjustment becomes more important the farther north you go. Santa Claus lives …

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Emergencies & Pet Peeves

One of the most common emergency calls that vets get is for seizures in dogs. Other animals can have seizures, but most of the calls involve dogs. Most people know roughly what epilepsy is, but much of the disease remains a mystery to most. Technically, epilepsy is a focus of abnormal electrical activity in the …

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A Beer Snob Confesses

I admit it, I’m a beerist. Not quite so harsh a thing as being a nihilist or a sexist, but I have high expectations for the beer I drink – beer snob, maybe. I recently ordered the “Mystery Can” on the beer menu at a barbecue joint in Vancouver’s Gastown. I was encouraged by the …

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CanCon in CanLit

Much attention has been paid recently to the topic of Canadian content and national pride in literature. It seems we’re writing about everywhere except Canada. Granted, 2011 marked the first time crime fiction was considered by Scotiabank Giller Prize jurors, which may have contributed to the phenomenon. But, as local writer Tina Brobby says, “It …

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