Issue: 2012-04-19


You might not expect to have to worry too much about falling snow in the Klondike in April. After all, this is not Alberta, where blizzards in the middle of April are common events. Yes, it snowed on the morning of Easter Sunday here in Dawson, but it had turned to drizzle by noon when …

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Return to Spirit Canyon

What I love about writing for What’s Up Yukon is that it encourages me to do a little research about the things I write about. Even if I can’t use it in my article, I always learn a lot—mostly things to watch for next time. So I will have to walk into Spirit Canyon a …

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Review: Bubbles of Self-Delusion

Don’t expect deep truths about the human condition from the Guild Theatre’s latest offering, The Food Chain. Don’t expect a plot that’s more than paper-thin. Don’t even expect characters that are anything but stereotypes, deliberately pushed to the point of caricature by a playwright deft enough to pull it off. What you can expect, unless …

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Band Jam

Whitehorse’s All City Band Society is about far more than just making music. This largely volunteer run non-profit organization is also about creating a sense of community. “People don’t realize what a benefit being able to play in a large group like that is to your work and social life,” explains Bruce Johnson, a musical …

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Wind’s Abaft the Beam: Pt. 3

Sailing terms irk me. Wind’s abaft the beam? What’s wrong with “the wind’s from behind”? Coming about, prepare to gybe, helm’s alee? How about, “The boom’s coming for your head. Duck!” Simple. To the point. I sat in Nanaimo reading sailing books with all their silly jargon while waiting for that perfect weather forecast to …

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The Joy of Yeast

That Louis Pasteur was onto something. Seriously. People were harnessing the power of yeast to make beer for thousands of years before they actually knew what it was. Louis Pasteur figured out how it worked in the mid 1800s. He proved that fermentation was not just a chemical reaction but caused by an organism: yeast. …

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