Issue: 2012-06-14

Mud, Sand & Scaups

In early April, I started running every morning. I felt that I was losing stamina on my hikes, and needed to do something about it. It’s amazing, now I am in the habit of it, how easy it is to keep it up. Mind you, I only run for 15-20 minutes. Besides getting fitter, it …

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Taking it Outdoors

Like ants, elementary students of the Robert Service School (RSS) in Dawson City marched off of a school bus carrying large rocks from the dredge tailings, placing them in the corner of the school yard. The 350m2 space, previously poorly drained and underutilized, has become an outdoor classroom called Take it Outside. Take it Outside …

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Caber toss

Come Toss a Caber

Having spent a bit of time in Scotland, I can attest that the scenery in the Highlands bears more than a passing resemblance to the Yukon, albeit in miniature. That being so, the idea of holding Highland Games in the Klondike is less odd than it might seem. In fact, according to the members of …

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Send in the Clowns

“I’m building my army of clowns,” she says with a sinister chuckle. Is she describing her dire plan to take over the world? Well, not quite. Not that we know of. When the statement comes from cheerful professional clown Claire Ness, we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She must be referring …

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Journeys Then & Now

Dalton’s Gold Rush Trail is a story of journeys; the 10-year journey of Jack Dalton to blaze a trail to the Klondike gold fields, and the 40-year journey of author Michael Gates to retrace those steps in southwest Yukon. Like the pioneer, “Michael shares Dalton’s own determination and concise, clear thinking,” said local author Ellen …

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Navigating Point to Point

Every second Wednesday throughout the summer, you can find a full cross-section of Whitehorse’s population—children, seniors, families, teens, young professionals, even excited dogs—out in the woods, maps and compasses at the ready. The Yukon Orienteering Association brings them together for bi-weekly orienteering meets that cater to the full gamut of abilities, from absolute beginners to …

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