Issue: 2012-06-21

Young Designers on Display

Activity flurries in the dressing room, as last-minute touch-ups are hurriedly applied, bows are re-tied and glitter is sprinkled liberally over waiting arms and faces. Outside, an expectant crowd lines the raised, T-shaped stage. But it won’t be the latest Coco Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana fashions paraded down the aisle at this fashion show. …

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Awash in Brew

I must be getting old: asleep in my hotel room by 10 p.m. the night of Haines Beer Fest this year. A poor display of anti-beerfest behaviour. The first year I went to the Great Alaskan Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival it was 2001 and it was held on the Fort Seward grounds. I …

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Sci-fi or Horror?

Director Ridley Scott broke some real ground in science-fiction films, first in 1979 with Alien, and again in 1982 with Blade Runner. Both films flew in the face of the sanitized and gleaming other worlds presented in Star Wars, the most successful model for the genre to that date. Alien took place on a very …

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Lots to look at

Each of Meghan Hildebrand’s paintings sets out a rich site within which your imagination can roam. Let me invite you into “The Royal Game of Us,” just inside the doors of the Yukon Arts Centre’s Public Gallery. Stylized, cut out collaged doglike animals, and possibly ponies, leap across the canvas, legs extended in opposite directions. …

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Rockin’ in the Free World

Daniela Lemke is playing in a man’s world. She is a drummer and “drums in particular are still very much a man’s world,” she says. That’s why Lemke wants to share her story with other women. “It’s all about rockin’ it out for the chicks and hoping the love will spread,” she says with a …

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Looking Back: Snowball

Herschel Island is the Yukon’s most northerly point, and one of its most beautiful. For a stretch in the late 19th century, it was also the busiest. This 16 x 13 km2 island, well north of the Arctic Circle, was home to a bustling community of whalers. The bowhead whale brought them to the island. …

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