Issue: 2012-07-05

An Experiment in Triangular Action

“You’re not writing anything the way you’re used to writing it. You’re not reading it that way either. Adding, subtracting, arranging. You’re not looking for a centre.” These words are projected onto the white walls of the Confluence Gallery in Dawson City as you enter Triple Index: Equilateral Resource Centre for the General Public, presuming …

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That Textile Touch

On a windy, end-of-June day, Kate Williams sits at a small table under a spreading lilac tree in LePage Park. Nearby, Dennis Victor Allen is singing Murray McLauchlan’s “Farmer’s Song” to the noon-hour audience at Arts in the Park. Williams seems almost oblivious to the music as her right hand bobs rapidly up and down, …

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A Sokolowski Twin Pack

Visitors to the Atlin Arts and Music Festival this weekend can look forward to an excellent lineup of films to round out their entertainment schedule, thanks to the Yukon Film Society. Featured on Saturday is a pair of films that feature some breathtaking vistas of the beauty of Canada from a Yukon filmmaker, as well …

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Defying Gravity

For anyone who likes to play on two wheels on the local bike trails, Mount Sima is the place to be the weekend of July 14 and 15. That’s when the local ski hill will play host to the AFD Gravity Cup, the second and final downhill mountain bike race in the 2012 AFD Downhill …

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Too Much Like Funkytown

If your beer tastes like cardboard, you might want to reconsider drinking it. It was probably stored in a heated room, which accelerated the oxidation process, creating that flat, wet paper flavour. If you crack a bottle of your buddy’s homebrew and have to wrap your lips around the end of the bottle to staunch …

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