Issue: 2012-07-12

It Will Be Fast

“We’ve got lots do to, but we’re on schedule and on target, and we’ll get it all done,” says George Arcand, executive director of Softball Yukon. Softball Yukon is gearing up for its biggest event to date—the 2012 Women’s World Fastpitch Championships—and the host organization has been making its lists and checking them twice for …

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Iron Chef Beer Pairing

I am a non-reciprocator—people invite me to their houses for fabulous meals. I eat, and weeks later I think about having them over… and then I think too much… Time keeps passing and I somehow get invited back to their place again… and the one-way valve of guest parisitism continues. I am in the happy …

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Keeping it Real

Yesterday was Jimmy D. Lane’s 47th birthday. At home in White Rock, British Columbia, the blues musician comments that aging is an opportunity to “observe” and “let things soak in”. “As I get older, you learn to smell the roses, you stop and you take a pause, and you might want to observe a flower,” …

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Sam McGee “at home”

Looking Back: The real Sam McGee

Sam McGee was a real person, but nothing like Service’s character. He stole the name off of a deposit slip.The two men never knew each other.

Syphilis Goes South

It sounds nasty. A small group of northerners is scheming to infect a major southern city with Syphilis next month. But there’s no need to alert public health officials. Ramshackle Theatre is merely hoping to spread an infectious dose of laughter to audiences at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, by means of Whitehorse playwright Peter …

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Bombs Away!

The bombers are coming! The bombers are coming! On August 11, the Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective plans to drop a cosy acrylic jacket onto what’s been called “the world’s largest weathervane”—the DC-3 aircraft that stands outside the Yukon Transportation Museum, its nose to the prevailing wind. It won’t actually be dropped, but carefully draped over …

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