Issue: 2012-07-26

Calling All Awesome Warriors

Do you love to play outside? Are you always looking for the next challenge or surprise? Then Taelin Free believes he has something that is right up your alley: the Awesome Warrior Challenge. The Awesome Warrior Challenge is a 3-km trail run with over 30 obstacles. It incorporates core strength, balance, stamina, agility and cardio. …

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The Berton House Boomerang Effect

I was enjoying an hour’s quiet reading on our front deck last week when a familiar French-Canadian voice hailed me from the street. I wasn’t entirely surprised to see Mylène Gilbert-Dumas coming through my front gate. She is a Facebook friend and my minimal high school French does allow me to pick through some of …

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Bloom to Bloom

On July 30 and 31, Dawson City will be visited by two judges, scrutinizing the town in the Communities in Bloom (CiB) program, and ranking it against other Canadian communities. This is the fourth year Dawson is running in the program. In a “five bloom” scoring system, Dawson has earned five blooms in three out …

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Climbing and Being Climbed

There are little leaps and big leaps, little walks and big walks. I like the idea of “keep on walking”, day after day, farther away. There are people who do that, and I don’t know if it ever will be me. I haven’t even gone on overnight hikes for a few years. Not that I …

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Extreme Beer

I blame my current state of beer obsession on Christmas of 1995 when I bought my partner a beer kit as a present. It somehow took hold and made beer a part of the family. We now have two converted freezers full of craft beer and kegs of homebrew. Rod (my partner) has a “Brewing …

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A debut Yukon novel

Enthusiasts of outdoor stories, adventure and romance will find all three at the preview of Roy Ness’s first novel, Rutting Season, at the Parking Lot Reading on Friday, July 27. The self-published book is a stand-alone adventure with a liberal dose of romance. In a September storm in the Selwyn Mountains grizzly bear eco-warrior Hannah …

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