Issue: 2012-08-16

A Taste for the Arts

Love of (and interest in) wine has opened wonderful doors for me in my life. Tasting wine has been the lens through which I have experienced lessons in history and geography. Friends have mailed me bottles from places such as Malta, and I have had the chance to sit with vineyard owners and chat over …

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A Little Off the Top: Prepping for Those First Days

Exciting. But also terrifying. That’s how Paula Thompson sums up her feelings about the beginning of a new school year. She could be referring to what many students go through as summer wanes and the classroom beckons—whether it’s for the first time or something they’ve gone through several times already. “It’s one of those interesting …

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Back to School: What Kids Say

What they were looking forward to, and who was the happiest about their return to school—themselves, their parents, or their teachers.

A Little Off the Top: And So It Begins

Paula Thompson said it best. “I’m in awe of primary teachers. They’re amazing, amazing people. They just know what to do.” Thompson oughtta know. She’s a former teacher and a former principal. Now she helps teach teachers. So she’s well-placed to recognize the importance of kindergarten and primary teachers in setting the tone for what’s …

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Let’s Do Lunch

What? Another lunch? For the love of Pete, if I have to make another ham and cheese sandwich, I’m going to start home-schooling. With the start of the school year comes the dreaded chore of preparing school lunches. Where lunch once held the dubious honour of Second-Most Important Meal of the Day, school has diminished …

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Not a Line for Slackers

“I don’t think I can even stand up on this thing,” laughs Steve Roddick, as his knee vibrates back and forth like an erratic metronome, trying to steady the piece of webbing enough to put his full weight on it. The piece of webbing in question stretches 25 m across a clearing in the Ibex …

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