Issue: 2012-08-30

Art Talk Radio

Over the course of the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, August 18 and 19, CFYT 106.9 in Dawson City broadcast its first remote live radio programming. There was a series of three remote shows: a drawing game on Saturday afternoon from the tents on Front Street, a pre-show and coverage of the baseball game on Sunday …

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The Power of Belief

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a strange little sort of movie that borders on being maudlin, but still manages to bring forth its own peculiar charm. Sympathetic portrayals by veteran actress Jennifer Garner, 15-year-old Israeli-born newcomer Odeya Rush and juvenile actor CJ Adams make us want to believe in its essentially implausible and …

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Two Sports in One

Normally the summer season is relatively quiet on Whitehorse’s biathlon range, but not this year. A partnership between the Contagious Mountain Bike Club and Biathlon Yukon has created a new way for Yukoners to make use of the range. Bike biathlon races have been taking place each Monday in August to the delight of local …

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Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are diseases that are common to both humans and animals. There are a lot of these, but it’s always surprising to find that people don’t understand which is which. There are a lot of jokes about distemper, but the reality is that you can’t get distemper from your dog or cat. In fact, …

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A Little Off the Top: Saluting an Icon

Anyone who comes to Yukon quickly becomes aware of several things: the vast landscape, the clean air, the soft colours, the friendliness, the compulsion of many locals to test their endurance in feats of outdoor derring-do. Something else newcomers soon discover is the remarkable depth and breadth of artistic and cultural expression available in the …

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