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Issue: 2012-09-20

Near Beer: Part 1

Perhaps the most unspeakable adulteration of beer is the complete, or near-complete, removal of alcohol to make those sad, non-alcoholic shadows-of-their-former-selves near beers that men drink during sympathetic pregnancies,...

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Fire in the Sky

Astronomy and all its wonders are fascinating regardless of where you are or how much equipment you have. Every year we do the family holiday down in southern British Columbia visiting family and friends.This is a prime...

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Adventure starts here

It was novelist Lawrence Hill who told me while we sipped tea in the Downtown Hotel dining room in Dawson in March that his early career as a journalist taught him to embrace the adventure of his stories.The beauty of living in...

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A Fresh Footing for NLSD

Change and innovation are the order of the day as the Northern Lights School of Dance (NLSD) begins is 2012-13 season.Not only does the school have a new artistic director and a new mandate, there is even a brand-new entity for...

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Fine-tuning Your Wi-Fi

In my last column, I looked at how Wi-Fi works and how to encrypt your transmissions to reduce the possibilities of unauthorized access to your network.Now, let’s consider a few more steps you can take to lock down your...

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Matching Timbres and Colours

At the age of three, Heidi Krutzen announced to her non-musical parents that she wanted to play the harp.She had to settle for the piano until she was nine and big enough to tackle the hefty, 47-string instrument of her...

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Comedy Dominates in Venus

The play is new. The book that inspired it is 142 years old. The song dates back to the Summer of Love.The kinky proclivity all three works explore may be as old as time.Venus in Fur, the David Ives play that opened Off-Broadway...

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