Issue: 2012-09-29

Eight Men in a Canoe

In these dying days of summer, we often turn away from light and refreshing beers and choose to drink something with a bit more oomph. With fall in full swing, there are few more oomph-y beers available from the Whitehorse liquor store than Unibroue’s Maudite. The Name, the Legend, the Label The word maudite is …

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Writing from Old Crow

Old Crow poet and cartoonist Allan Benjamin caught himself when he said he carries a pen and paper in his pocket 24 hours a day. “Actually, it’s pencil. A pen freezes.” Not something you want to happen out on the Flats when inspiration strikes. The 56-year-old Benjamin, who is well-known by What’s Up Yukon readers …

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Getting Down with the Trash

There were about two dozen people at Dawson’s recycling centre over a recent weekend. They were trying to do something about the mess that the place had become. While it’s true that the City of Dawson’s bylaw officer had served the Conservation Klondike Society (CKS) with a notice saying they had to clean the place …

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Informing and Inspiring

Inspiring and informative, Cheryl McKenzie puts the top news stories affecting Aboriginal Peoples in Canada into perspective. Every Friday, Cheryl takes an in-depth look at the headlines that matter most. The season kicked off in early September with a panel of Canadian and Aboriginal pundits as they discussed the recent federal ministry name change of …

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Looking In 3 Directions

Walking into Arts Underground these days, an impression of bright colours swirls around you. White, tan and black play their parts, but many solid areas of bright colour in all the artists’ work tie the show together. Alice Park-Spurr, Jane Isakson and Marlene Collins have teamed up to create a show called Transformations. The first …

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