Issue: 2013-07-11

Looking for the Spiritual: Rosemary Scanlon

Art, nature, and religion come together in Rosemary Scanlon’s exhibit, Animal Icons. The show opens July 11 at the Rah Rah Gallery and features several new watercolours as well as pieces exhibited at Northern Scene in Ottawa this spring and the 2012 show, Sleep of Reason, at the Yukon Arts Centre. Scanlon’s work is characterized …

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No Judgement. Really.

I’m not going to tell you what you should drink. I don’t care if you ferment raisins with brewers yeast in a garbage pail. I’m a laissez-faire kind of person. You can drink your Bud Light Lime, your Wildcat or your Pabst Blue Ribbon. You don’t have to be sheepish. Why would I care? Most …

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