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Issue: 2013-08-22

Getting Around the Yukon: Teslin in a Day

Last month Teslin Tlingit Council hosted a huge Ha Kus Teyea celebration with thousands visiting Teslin.In the months leading up to it, I invited many Yukoners to go. When told that it was at The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre,...

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Beer and Sport

It doesn’t have to be an epic battle between the forces of good and evil.I believe beer can live in a symbiotic relationship with athletic pursuits. It’s all about balance, expectations, pacing and choosing your...

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Dredges Kept the Klondike Alive

Despite iconic images of a solitary miner with a pan or a group of men drifting into a hillside, the dredges of the corporate-mining-era are the main reason that Dawson outlasted the usual boom-and-bust cycle common to gold rush towns.

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