Issue: 2014-10-02

Fall Colours Photo by Rick Massie

Theatre in the Bush

Theatre in the Bush is held in the fall, and with a start time of around 8:45 pm, it’s held in the dark. The darkness and the bush are integral to the event. This year the show was on a Saturday evening in mid-September. ‘Theatre in the Bush’ was projected onto Brian Fidler’s gravel driveway; …

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The Beauty of Nature Sliced 19 Ways

Rows of evergreens, crystal blue lakes, majestic mountains, and an abundance of wildlife are all found along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. The road is an alternative to the Alaska Highway for those travelling south through B.C. from the Yukon/B.C. border, just west of Watson Lake. For Jackie Ziehe, the Stewart-Cassiar served as inspiration for her latest …

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Extra Cheese with That?

Francis Thompson admits he’s been a “closet hip hop head” for years. “I started writing when I was fairly young, like 13 or 14, but never really did anything, just kept it in my notebook, stashed away in a closet.” He remembers going to parties where friends would sit in a circle, throw on an …

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Wonky Little Show

“You shouldn’t write this,” Monique Romeiko cautions with a chuckle, “but we’re 40. All three of us.” Besides herself, Romeiko is referring to Aimée Dawn Robinson and Erin Flynn, her fellow performer/dancers in a creative collaboration called begin you again, which will be unveiled October 4 and 5 at the Old Fire Hall. The Whitehorse …

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Experiencing Finnish Cuisine

While reading The Boreal Feast, Miche Genest’s second cookbook, I wanted to pack my baggage and travel to Scandinavia. Genest surrounds recipes with stories and anecdotes from traveling to Swe den, Norway, and Finland, and awakens wanderlust in the reader. In Scandinavia, Genest was inspired; she learned about traditions and new recipes that she describes …

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Long Range Fad

Better scopes, have made it so every hunter can take one of these rifles and shoot an animal from 800-1000 metres. Or can they?

Mardi Bras for Karen’s Fund

Mardi Bras is a booby ball — but you don’t need boobs to come. Though this fundraising celebration for Breast Cancer Awareness Month may have begun as a women’s-only event five years ago, today it’s a costumed party for everyone. Even firefighters. Who, by the way, will be there donating their time to help run …

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Exploring an Arm

As she reached for his arm she saw it become tense; it was an involuntary reaction on his part, caused by the palsy affecting his left side since birth. She paused for a second, and he hoped she wouldn’t stop. Finally she continued, placing her hand just below his elbow. She felt the tension in …

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