Issue: 2014-02-13

Issue: 2014-02-13

“Dust Off Your Old Duds”

Salt of the Yukon

Dwayne and Nellie Backstrom might never be listed in the pages of The Colourful Five Percent; I don’t think they would care to be. But 2014’s Sourdough Rendezvous’ Mr. And Mrs. Yukon have a more meaningful legacy. In their own quiet way, they are quintessential Yukoners — understated, hard working, and full of love for …

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The Internet is Forever

It’s natural that you have some complaints about your boss, co-workers, or customers. No job is perfect and we are only human. However, how you express your feelings may prove to be a problem, not only in your present job, but also your chances of getting another in the future. While social media may be …

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My Husband, the Artist

My husband, Ken Burke, was a late bloomer. It wasn’t until he retired from Canada Flooring in 1998, that he took up painting. As his wife, I knew he was looking for a hobby to fill his leisure time, and I also recognized he has artistic talent. So I encouraged him to take an art …

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Northern Romance, February 13, 2014

Dear Juniper and Johnny, My girlfriend and I were casually discussing the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use plan that was just released and we ended up getting into a very heated argument that ended in her never wanting to speak to me again. I am also having a tough time seeing her side of the …

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Making a Living by Making Art

There’s a classic struggle among artists to find a part-time job that will afford them enough money to pay the bills and enough time to make their art, but won’t suck the soul out of them. Another classic struggle is justifying the pursuit of money, when, as an artist, passion, creativity, communication, love, light, colour, …

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Love and War

How do you relate to someone after you discover they’ve committed monstrous acts? The generation born in Germany after World War II – who Berthold Brecht called “those who came after” (Nachgeborenen) – faced that question every day. The 2008 German-American film The Reader, available on DVD at Whitehorse Public Library, explores the effect of …

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Getting into the Skins of Things

Rebekah Miller is fascinated with zippers, with how they both conceal and reveal, how they  open and close. She’s also fascinated with coverings – whether they are external facades of buildings or the skins of animals. Therefore, Skins is a very natural title for her exhibit at the ODD Gallery in Dawson City until February …

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Family, Change, and Acceptance

Torontonian Clinton Walker has flown into the Yukon to direct another play at The Guild Hall. The new production The Book of Esther, by Leanna Brodie, is his fifth directorial project in five years up here. And this one hits pretty close to home for Walker. Set in the early 1980s, The Book of Esther …

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Sled dog racing along the Yukon River in a Rendezvous of yore.

Rendezvous In the Old Days

Rendezvous – it’s always been our mid-winter break. A chance to unwind. It’s competition, and horseplay, and fun.

Some New Wines to Look For and Try

Since September there have been some good additions to the Yukon Liquor Corp. (YLC) shelves. October and November seem to be emerging as the wine tasting season in the Yukon. In the span of five weeks, I participated in, or organized, three events: the October Rotary festival in Whitehorse, the second annual tasting held by …

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The Evolution of Rendezvous

It’s the biggest party in the territory, and this year Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous celebrates its 50th anniversary. For a lot of Yukoners the festival represents the nearing of the end of winter, but for others it’s a chance to compete for coveted titles, from Sourdough Sam, to Best Frozen Hair, to Furthest Log Toss. Sibell …

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Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

It can’t be easy to find your identity as a chubby performer in Hollywood. In an industry notorious for its worship of physical perfection, overweight actors must sometimes feel adrift. Case in point: Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He didn’t settle on an identity for five years. Of his first 15 television and film appearances he is …

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The Boost a Battle Can Give

For many bands the step to a big stage is challenging. That’s the Battle of the Bands in Whitehorse has been a continued success.

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