Issue: 2014-03-06

Issue: 2014-03-06

“I DO”

Come On and Take a Free Ride

What do you get when you dump 38 truckloads of snow and ice at the doorstep of Yukon College? A 28-foot-high ice slide that’s fun for all ages. Marco Paquet, a multimedia student at Yukon College, is the brains behind the structure. “I have two children (a two-and-a-half year old daughter and a 13-year-old son) …

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Homemade Seed Tapes

Winter can be frustrating for gardeners.  There are days when it feels like spring won’t get here soon enough. Combine this with the knowledge that when it does, there is only a small window of time available, and a gardener can become anxious. Last year, I tried to get a head start on planting the …

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Woof Woof Like Salmon Woof

Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Does it have a particular request for dinner, or stories to tell? Well, here’s your chance to gain some insight. On March 9, there is a workshop on animal communication instructed by Andrea Schlupp and Alison Zeidler at the Heart of Riverdale Community Centre. We tend to anthropomorphize …

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Ten Years of Tuesday Night Jams

On March 11, at the Old Fire Hall, the local francophone band Soir de Semaine will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their very first gig. “We played at Steve’s music store,” Marie-Maude Allard says. “The place was packed and all we had was two original songs and a few covers.” Actually, Soir de Semaine …

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A Completely Incomplete List of People I Admire

Marlon Brando, Forrest Gump, Mary Ellen Read, David Foster Wallace (obviously), Catherine O’Donovan, Roger Federer, Roberto Bolano, Robert Pirsig, Bob Dylan, Kurt Vonnegut, Wes Anderson, Joel Coen, Theoren Fleury, Winston Churchill, Tommy Douglas, Terry Fox, Gavin Gardiner, Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo the ninja turtle, Charles Darwin, W.V.O. Quine, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Tammy Beese, Cormac …

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Main Street Confidential

So… have you gone to the Yukon Government Main Administrative Building to see your art yet? I understand, life gets busy. But I bet you’re on Main Street once in awhile. There, you’ll find three Yukon Government offices that serve as public exhibition spaces from the Yukon Permanent Collection — art that belongs to the …

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A Testament to the Disappearances of Aboriginal Women

International Women’s Day is Saturday, March 8, it’s a day to pause and consider women’s health, dreams, and safety — worldwide, and in Canada. It’s a perfect time to see The Hours that Remain, a play by Ontario Métis artist Keith Barker. The play explores the love, loss, and grief for families and communities surrounding …

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Northern Pride

Art has the power to heal — and the artwork that comes out of the healing process can be amazing. Not always, sure, there are some art-therapy drawings only a mother could love. But check out the woodcarvings, prints, and copper art on exhibit at Arts Underground March 7 to 29. They’re impressive. The new …

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