Issue: 2014 March 13

Issue: 2014-03-13

“The Home Issue”

Lichen, anyone?

I delight in winter travel, especially once the snow pack has settled. It’s early this year, and I’m already able to break away from the packed trails and wander the woods to my hearts content. Whether on skis on snowshoes, I inevitably follow the tracks of some other creature, and, given my proclivities, I look …

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What Does Klondike Mean to the World?

From the very beginning there’s been some confusion connected with the word “Klondike.”  It started with new arrivals — the gold rush stampeders — who where unable to wrap their tongues around “Tr’ondëk,” the Hän word for the “area,” which translates as something like “hammerstone water.” While the English word has become synonymous with gold, …

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New Novel Portrays Dire Future

Imagine it’s the year 2036 and the Government of Canada is bankrupt. This is the stage Norm Hamilton has set for his first novel, From Thine Own Well. The book is a pertinent piece of eco-fiction, dealing with the aftermath of unrestricted mining and hydraulic fracturing. As the story goes, in 2012, the federal government …

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Bison Hunt: On The Table 5/5

When serving bison, ideally the first meal is raved about. If not you’ll have difficulty serving the remaining 2300 pounds in the freezer.

Tobogganing, Adult-Style

The last time I was sledding with Casey Lee McLaughlin, she took me out at the knees. But then my dog rode her and her crazy carpet down the hill, like a snowy surfer, growling at the base of her neck. So that was okay. McLaughlin loves sledding. Her weapon of choice is a crazy …

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Films from the Out-side

The Yukon Queer Film Alliance are hosting the third annual film festival OUT North this weekend at The Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse. The eclectic festival delivers a variety of lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender-related films. “The first OUT North was in 2012,” says festival co-producer Debbie Thomas. “We take it a tiny bit at a time and try …

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Collecting songs of the North

Songs tell the stories of places, and the Whitehorse Community Choir Yukon Song Project reflects the stories of the North. The WCC choir director Barb Chamberlain, and Susanne Hingley are collecting poems and writings of the Yukon. The goals: to compile a library of Yukon songs, and to set Yukon poetry/writing to music. “We really …

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As my big red beard attests, I’ve got Scottish heritage in my DNA. On my mother’s side of the family, I’m derived from Clan Donnachaidh, also known as Clan Robertson. My mom’s maiden name is Robertson, which also happens to be my middle name. Peter Robertson Jickling. The clan’s first leader was a fellow by the name of Stout Duncan, a fireeyed warrior who displayed fierce allegiance to Robert the Bruce during …

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Rubber Gloves Required

I recently found myself on my knees, in front of a toilet in Home Hardware, being taught how to install a toilet by Megan Fuller, plumbing and electrical supervisor. Fuller fell in love with the “Lego aspect” of plumbing and electrical work while working part-time at a hardware store in Forest, Ontario. She recommends calling …

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