Issue: 2014-03-27

Issue: 2014-03-27

“Dads Can Be Moms, Too”


My wife Marion grew up in Grossposna, a small village a few kilometres outside of Leipzig in the Eastern part of Germany. Twenty-five years ago, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, she left everything she knew behind and persued a new life in Canada with her young son Johannes, and un-born daughter Isabel. Tuning …

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A Recipe That Might Change Everything: The Ziploc Omelette

Next to drug dealers, North American kitchens are probably the biggest users of smallish, sealable plastic bags. There are a variety of sizes and brands, but Ziploc is probably the best all-round choice. Not only can you freeze things in them, but if you’re careful there is at least one dish you can cook in …

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Harnessing Your Chi

The ancient martial arts and those who master them are often praised for their speed, power, and feats of incredible strength. Most people will likely think of Kung Fu or Karate, and conjure images of Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch sending men tumbling to the ground, or Jet Li utilizing a spinning crescent kick to …

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An Epic Ski Day

My first day on Mount Sima — Sunday, January 12 — was so epic. The beautiful landscape, all dressed up in snow, looked like a postcard. It was so fun to hear all the laughter from people coming down as I rode up the mountain on the ski lift. The sky is there for those …

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A Frozen Pipe Dream

I went to Vancouver a few weeks ago. I wasn’t looking forward to trading sunny skies for rainy ones — although the temperatures were going to be much warmer than the -24°C temperatures here. Before I left, Allan asked me to bring back some spring with me. When I got there, it was indeed spring. …

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A Good Vibe, With Music, Coffee, and Kids

On the first Saturday of every month, Dawson City residents have the opportunity to come together and enjoy an evening of family-friendly fun. Coffee houses are events organized by various members of the Dawson City community, which take place at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) from September to April, with the last …

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It’s Not About “Shushing” Anymore

Books really get around in the Yukon. On a behind-the-scenes tour of the Whitehorse Public Library, with Joyce Kashman, librarian, and Julianne Ourom, director of the Yukon Public Libraries Branch, I saw hundreds of books in the shipping room, neatly shelved and organized. These books were passing through the library in Whitehorse (“the hub”) to …

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Spring Sprouts

“Spring has sprung,” cries my body as it soaks up the sun streaming through my window at two o’clock on a glorious March afternoon. It retracts the statement the following morning as I crouch, shivering to light the fire. But, ever hopeful, it repeats the whole affair each day, confident that soon, it will be …

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Dads Can Be Moms, Too

My name is Jay and I’m a stay at home dad. It wasn’t always this way. A few months ago my wife and I were working full-time in Whitehorse and our two-year-old daughter Emily was whisked off to daycare, where she played and learned with other toddlers. I saw Emily about an hour a day, …

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Zuckerberg’s Cool Idea

Facebook marked its 10th anniversary this February, a few months before its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, turns 30. It’s not every 19-year-old that changes the world. The success and background drama of Facebook inspired the 2010 film, The Social Network, available on DVD at Whitehorse Public Library. While the film recounts true-life events, it’s not a …

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25 Beliefs, 15 Promises, and One Rhetorical Question

I believe hot sauce is the best condiment. I believe a good hat can set the mood. I promise to buy Sarah MacDougall’s next album. I believe YouTube got way less cool when it started putting commercials in front of clips. I believe perfect teeth are overrated. I believe Charles Manson ended the ’60s. I …

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The Unexpected

It was a cool November morning in 2010, when the unexpected happened. My dog Gypsy and I had walked the Fish Lake Road area for the past five years, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of McIntyre Creek. Par for the course was to park the truck at the bird-watching pull out, just before Icy Waters …

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