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Issue: 2014-05-08

More than Nutrition

Every Wednesday at lunchtime the basement of the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre fills with moms, a few dads, and their babies.According to Shannon Walker, co-ordinator of the Pre-natal Nutritional Outreach Program for the past...

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Smaller Guns for Women and Youth

If the gun doesn’t fit the shooter, learning to use it will be difficult and even dangerous.Traditionally, both rifles and shotguns are made to suit an “average” sized person, but sadly that person is male and is larger than the...

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Maternity Time

Giving birth is never an easy task. Nothing is guaranteed to run smoothly, and a lot of patience is required of everyone involved.Amidst all the chaos that may ensue in the delivery room, the maternity ward nurses are there to...

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Talent and Passion

The Yukon is blessed with a huge number of talented and passionate women. It would take much more space than I have here to pay tribute to even just a handful of these inspiring ladies but I’m going to give it a shot.I’ve had to...

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Growing Up Gwich’in

Editor’s Note: When Jason Westover visited Elizabeth Kaye recently, he suggested he would love to know more about her life besides her passion for moccasin-making. This inspired her to write the following article at the family...

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Caribou Boots & Banana Bread

My daughter Emily and I are sitting in the home of Elizabeth (Liz) Kaye, enjoying the comfortable ambiance and the warmth only a large wood stove can deliver.Liz comes out of a back room with a large bag of caribou skins and...

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From Mexico with Love

In 2007, Craig Graham-Biggers left the Yukon to run a bar in Baja, Mexico for a year.He expected sun and sand and to earn a living, but did not think he would find love. But he did.In August, he and Fernando Biggers started...

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