Issue: 2014-05-22

What’s Up Yukon May 22 Issue

Fly Fishing for Pike

In the Yukon, fly anglers usually target arctic grayling, rainbow trout, or kokanee salmon in stocked lakes. These fish are readily available, fairly easy to catch and make great meals. One very common Yukon fish, usually overlooked by the fly-angler, is the northern pike. These great fish are often demeaned with nicknames like “slough shark” or “alligator,” and sadly …

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I Lived to tell the Tale

April 19, 2013 was a beautiful sunny day. I got out of bed and cooked eggs and ham for breakfast. I packed my hunting gear, two bottles of water, some rope, nuts, and some dried fruit, and put it all into my backpack. I put on my new knee brace, and some thick pants and grabbed my …

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School’s out for the Summer

Amelia Merhar, better known in the Yukon music scene as Big Mama Lele,  ended her Graduation Tour on May 10 in Fairbanks. The occasion? She’s finally  graduated university. Those familiar with her “FOMO Song” know why her  graduation warrants an international tour.  “I’ve been changing the major of my bachelors since 2004,” she jokes. “Ten  …

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Kids Home & Family

Winning Entries: Under Age 6 Category Winner of an ONE YEAR FAMILY Membership to Yukon Wildlife Preserve Evey Moore Age 6 **** Age 7 & Older Category Winner of an IPOD Neil Mikkelsen Age 11 **** CLASS PRIZE Tony’s PIZZA LUNCH Mrs. Reeves Grade Three Class at École Whitehorse Elementary School

Full Boar 2014

Katie Munroe and Colin Urquhart grew up in New Brunswick. Munroe’s family threw a big community party every spring — there’d be a whole roasted pig and pipe bands. Munroe’s dad taught Urquhart the art of pig roasting. “I was his number one apprentice,” he says. “Then I started dating his daughter.” Now, the couple …

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One Interesting Veggie

by Wendy Avison I bought this pepper on May 5 at Extra Foods. From the back, it looked like any other red pepper; it was face down. I added whole cloves to make the eyes. Interestingly, everyone who looks at it ‘sees’ a different creature: a lion, a praying mantis, a man with a moustache. What …

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Mary Bradshaw sees her curator’s role as a bridge between artists and the public

Tourism officials in Barbados market their island as “Distinctively Charming”. But when Mary Bradshaw was weighing the option of a Barbadian internship against one in Whitehorse, she opted for the distinctive charm of the Yukon. “I figured, ‘Oh, I can live anywhere for six months, and it’s the same time zone as where my family …

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