Issue: 2014 May 29

May 29, 2014 Issue #380

A Downtown Fixture Returns

Arts in the Park, now the longest running free summer festival anywhere in Canada, kicked off its 18th in LePage Park. 2014

One Autobahn, Many Stops

If you win the Take Me To Frankfurt contest, here are some suggestions for what you should do in Germany. Fly to Frankfurt and take the InterCity express-train (ICE) to Stuttgart. Stuttgart is famous for its car manufacturing industry, like Daimler and Porsche. Visit the Porsche Museum, the Mercedes Benz Museum and the Art Gallery …

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Road Ready

When Morgan MacDonald closes his classroom door a few weeks from now, he’ll hit the road-less-travelled to gauge how far an alternate career path might take him. The 32-year-old math, science, social studies, and health teacher at Del Van Gorder School in Faro is also a burgeoning singer-songwriter, about to embark on his second Canadian …

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Changing Norms

In one of the many Rhianna songs to get major radio play, the pop star sings: “[you’re] just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that’s all right because I like the way it hurts, [you’re] just gonna stand there and hear me cry, but that’s all right….” The song reminds us of how …

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Wanted: Dead or Alive

The FBI hunt for slippery John Dillinger was the match of the century. He was the bureau’s first public enemy number one during the crime wave of the 1930s. You won’t find out what makes John Dillinger tick in Public Enemies, released in 2009 and available on DVD at the Whitehorse Public Library. Instead, director …

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Poopin’ Ain’t Easy

“Please… Please… Pretty Please! I’ll be your friend.” I admit I’ve said this to my 28-month-old daughter, Emily, as she sat playfully on her potty, supposedly trying to “pee-pee”. I know she already went, because her diaper is warm and squishy, which leads me to ask myself, did she pee before or after I told …

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