Issue 2014-06-05

Men’s Issue
photographer: Rick Massie

An Arty Party: Whitehorse’s first Etsy Craft Party will be hosted on the waterfront

Yukoners who are feeling crafty and don’t mind working in front of an audience may want to head down to the wharf on the Whitehorse waterfront after work this Friday. That’s where the territory’s first Etsy Craft Party will take place, in conjunction with similar events around the world the same day. Etsy is an …

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Looking for Yukon Love Online: Part 1: What (and who) are the odds?

Okay, here I am — an educated, articulate, professional, employed man. I’m mid-1950s vintage, a home owner, and unattached. I keep fit with outdoor activities. I love drama, art, and music. During the several years I’ve been in Whitehorse, I’ve joined and organized groups, taken and presented courses, been a volunteer, and attended a wide …

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Great changes are moments that define your life. In an instant the axis of your world spins, and you have no choice but to see it through. On December 28, 2013 at 11:13 am, my world tilted. My father, Andrew Westover, died.  I had been under the weather for a while, but on that fateful …

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My View on Optics

Whether you’re a hunter, bird-watcher, naturalist, or a combination of all three, optics play a big part in the activity. Sure, wildlife can be spotted with the naked eye, but a device to magnify your vision is crucial if you want to see the creature in detail. A hunter’s ability to distinguish the sex of …

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Early in the spring, Swan Haven offers Yukoners a place to watch swans and other water birds as they stop to rest on their long migration north. Shortly thereafter we see small groups of swans flying past our farm, trumpeting as they go. Our geese really notice when wild birds fly overhead. The migrating fowl …

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Shifting Gears

The Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay is about to check-off its 22nd year, and organizers are making sure the race adapts to changing times. Mike Kramer, a race organizer, explains: “We are constantly trying to improve the environmental sustainability and safety of the race, and in order to do so, we are constantly looking at …

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My Bro’s a Dad, Man

My brother’s been embarrassingly responsible for as long as I can remember. He’s the oldest of five, and old-fashioned familial responsibility lay on his shoulders from the beginning. His shirt was always tucked in, even when he was playing volleyball or shooting his BB Gun. He always told on me, too. Looking back, I’d say …

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A Not-So-Empty Nest

The robin obviously had a problem with us. I was hanging out on the back porch with my friend Jenny Duncombe — minding our own business — but this little bird was having none of it. At first she squawked from the safety of a pine tree 20 feet away, but things soon grew more …

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