Issue: 2014-07-03

July 3rd, 2014 – Issue $385

On the cover is Jona Barr, who is Old Cabin. Old Cabin is performing at the Atlin Arts and Musicfest this year.

Photograph by Gary Bremner Photography.

Yukon Athletes are Prepared to Dominate

Vancouver had better be prepared. That’s where the Yukon is sending 24 Special Olympians, ages 13 and older, to compete in the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games — our largest team ever.  Janine Peters is the Chef de Mission for team Yukon. She oversees training, makes sure the athletes have everything they need, and coordinates …

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Looking for Yukon Love Online

In previous weeks, this unattached Yukon man described his initial experiences in online dating, provided some observations on improving online dating profiles, and discussed how he grouped the Yukon women’s profiles he came up with. Now, on to contacting complete strangers! The first on my list was a woman who had included no photo but …

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The Power of Enzymes is Now

If you’re pressed for time, as most of us are, summer is good news. Gone are winter days with their demand for labour-intensive, heated meals. Salads, smoothies, and other raw entrees feel good to eat on hot days, and you don’t have to cook. Plus, fresh foods fill our bodies with nutrients and enzymes that …

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What’s in a Name?

In approximately 100,000 years since we began to speak, we’ve classified and described plants. Carl Linnaeus devised a system of naming using two Latin names for each plant — binomial nomenclature — which has endured as the scientific standard for all forms of life. In a time of unprecedented global travel and information sharing, binomial …

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Atlin Arts and Music Festival

A long-time favourite for local families, the Atlin Arts and Music Festival is an institution. Now in its 11th year, the event draws visitors and performers from across Canada and beyond.  Taking place July 11 to 13, this year’s festival will feature guest performers like Gord Downie and The Sadies, David Francey, Danny Michel, and …

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Springing into Summer

There are so many things I want to do this summer. The very first thing I’m going to do is put my school books in a corner where I won’t look at them for the entire summer, and then write a What’s up Yukon article about all the other things I’m going to be doing. …

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Grand Times at the Palace

The second full revival season has been launched at the Palace Grand theatre. Marveling at the theatre is past due; It’s time to celebrate that the theatre is hosting more than daytime Parks Canada programming. There’s nothing wrong with showing off our treasure, or staging the Greatest Klondiker in the afternoons, but the Palace Grand …

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Fighting for Love

On July 17, 2014 Stephen and Rob Dunbar-Edge will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. This event, a milestone for any couple, is especially significant for them: it commemorates a battle, hard won. Stephen and Rob were the first gay couple to legally marry in the Yukon. And before they tied the knot, they had to …

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How to Dump

It was a Monday evening in June, before solstice. At nine o’clock, the sun was shining hot. Dallas-rae Gaven was reading in her bathhouse-cum-cabin on her parents’ property in Goring Creek. She was recovering from what she refers to as her ‘wrecking ball’ weekend — there had been a wedding in Dawson, and there was …

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The Half-Beer Reciprocation Blues

Anthropologists need not travel to New Guinea to research the subtleties of human societies; plenty of culture can be witnessed at the local saloon. Among the chivalrous traditions, the bar-set prides itself on is its refusal to let a compatriot drink alone. “Want another one, Hank?” the bartender says. Hank, casts a glance at Stu …

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