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Issue 2014-07-10

The Next Big Find

“Garage sale-ing” describes the act of heading out on a Saturday morning, coffee and local classifieds in hand, to find the next steal-of-a-deal. The feeling aroused by discovering said deal(s) is a cheap thrill that brings many...

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Sasquatch Love

Looking for a book that fits into a backpack for a camping trip? Rachel and Ursula Westfall`s first self-published novella, Estella of Halftree Village, is such a book. At 89 pages, it’s an ideal summer read.It’s the story of...

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Different Interests, Same Outcome

My oldest daughter Hayley and I have spent her whole life in the outdoors together; we hunt geese, ducks, moose, and caribou.We started hunting together before she was born — Heather, her mother, was three months pregnant with...

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Produce Your Own Enjoyment

It’s a rainy Sunday at the end of June; Ben Harper’s Fight for your Mind is playing loudly in Devon Yacura’s kitchen.The air smells like sweet porridge.On the stove is a wide, tall stainless steel pot. It’s a fancy pot; it has a...

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4-H is in Full Swing

Whitehorse Spirit Riders 4-H club kicked off a summer riding season with a three-day riding clinic at the North Ridge Indoor Riding Arena. The focus of the clinic was fundamental riding levels and team building.The riders were...

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Ask For It!

You know who they are when you see them; they walk around festival grounds with dozens of colourful buttons pinned to them, smiles on their faces, pen and paper in hands, ready to turn your beer-tent-small-talk into a debate...

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