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Issue: 2014-07-17

Give and Take

I feel a bit like Gollum.I am squatting on my haunches, slurping delicious juices from my fingers as I delight in a fresh pike. Perhaps muttering to myself a little. Except I’m picking out the bones, whereas Gollum...

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Why does Dawson Need a Dike?

The Yukon Gold Panning Championships were held on the well-used greensward between Front Street and the dike. The greensward wouldn’t be here if the dike wasn’t built.The dike was a controversial pile of rock and dirt when it...

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Le Chien Gourmet

While hot dogs are not traditionally considered ingredients for classy dining, Carl Pearce of Antoinette’s Restaurant in Whitehorse begs to differ. Here are four of his creations, which prove that dogs can be a delicacy.

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It’s Not the Dog’s Fault

If you don’t like hot dogs, here’s an Internet trend you want to avoid: “hot dogs or legs.”People take photos of their bent legs from the knee to mid-thigh in a manner that looks like a couple of hot dogs looking out over the...

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Hot Dogging in Quebec

I was on vacation with my family in southern Quebec when I opened e-mail from What’s Up Yukon editor Peter Jickling asking me if I had any “hot dog” stories for the magazine.It occurred to me that other than eating them over the...

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The Perfect Weenie Roast

As far as I know, electronic gadgetry hasn’t affected the humble hot dog. Having said that, I’m confident that somewhere out there there is a new gizmo guaranteed to make the perfect tube-steak.Making a hot dog can be a very...

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A Free Woman

Life doesn’t hold many nice surprises for Norma Rae Wilson. She was widowed at 21 and left to raise two children from different fathers by working in a sweatshop-like North Carolina cotton mill.She finds her fun where she can,...

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