Issue 2014-07-31

July 31, 2014 – Issue #389


Whitehorse chef Miche Genest prepares for a weekend of culinary adventures.

The Collector in Tagish

His name is Douglas Roy Rogers Dupont the 3rd. That’s what he’s known as on the water around Tagish at least. It’s his two-way radio handle.

Parking Lot Living

My first friend in Whitehorse is an older man I meet in the automotive section of Canadian Tire the day I arrive. He helps me with my engine and ends up giving me a tour of the city, introducing me to everything from the $1 showers at Robert Service Campground to the old tourism movie …

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For Patti Flather, Gwaandak is about building connections by sharing our stories

When Patti Flather left Vancouver for the Yukon, she had no thoughts of becoming a playwright, let alone co-founder and artistic director of a busy theatre company. “It was not at all part of life,” she says. “My parents were not theatre goers. I had one wonderful teacher in elementary school who did drama with …

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Mysterious Bicycle

You may have heard about the bicycles stolen from Cadence Cycle in July. But did you hear about the one that mysteriously appeared? Around July 9, an old one-speed with a coaster-brake showed up in front of 506 Wood Street, just beside Cadence Cycle. It stood on a kickstand, with an old sprung Dunlop saddle, …

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Not Easy Being Green

If you’re heading out to Circle D Ranch for a few days of music and food this weekend, you’d be well-advised to bring your own eating and drinking gear, or at least a toonie to “rent” a plate. The three-day outing, now known as the Frog Food Festival – Served with Music, is being billed …

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A Foodie’s Dream Come True

Birch syrup, fireweed jelly, juniper berry shortbread, and low bush cranberries are a few of the ingredients that will rise to the occasion for the Yukon Culinary Festival. Among the festival events is the Tastes of Whitehorse food crawl, beginning July 31 at 5:30 p.m. It will encompass the tasty delights of five local restaurants …

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Summer Insomnia

Most of us attribute summer fatigue to long days, late nights and too much to do. For some people, though, summer insomnia is more complicated and serious than that. Without proper rest, we cannot be sufficiently restored and recuperated. Our bodies become vulnerable, our minds go dull, and our spirits wither. It is no way …

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Forget the Generation Gap, let’s Talk About the Tooth Gap

In the winter of 1995 my family headed south to spend Christmas with our relatives in Denver, Colorado. Our accumulated crew amounted to eight cousins and four parents, and in accordance with an ancient family tradition one evening was set aside for a talent show; I was tapped to be the MC. Amidst the singing …

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