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Issue 2014-07-31

The Collector

His name is Douglas Roy Rogers Dupont the Third.That’s what he’s known as on the water around Tagish, at least; it’s his two-way radio handle.He says all he needs is to catch a fish bigger than 60 pounds, and then he can...

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Parking Lot Living

My first friend in Whitehorse is an older man I meet in the automotive section of Canadian Tire the day I arrive.He helps me with my engine and ends up giving me a tour of the city, introducing me to everything from the $1...

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Mysterious Bicycle

You may have heard about the bicycles stolen from Cadence Cycle in July.But did you hear about the one that mysteriously appeared?Around July 9, an old one-speed with a coaster-brake showed up in front of 506 Wood Street, just...

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Not Easy Being Green

If you’re heading out to Circle D Ranch for a few days of music and food this weekend, you’d be well-advised to bring your own eating and drinking gear, or at least a toonie to “rent” a plate.The three-day outing, now known as...

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