Issue: 2014-08-28

August 28, 2014 Issue #393

Jay vs. the Terrible Twos

Living in Old Crow is not for everybody, but it does have its advantages.  It’s a quiet town with good people where you can enjoy the scenery and live at a slower pace. The rest of the world is far away, and if you can get by without the allure of “urban treats”, then you’ll …

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What is Nature?

‘Nature’, or ‘natural’, have become complicated words to define. They have become over-utilized, and given a multitude of meanings.Marketing campaigns bombard us with the word, misusing it to get us to support organizations, approve initiatives, and consume products such as the Chobani yogurt. As a result, society has enabled the misuse of the meaning of …

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Dan Sokolowski Can’t Stay Away from the Dempster

Dan Sokolowski doesn’t disguise his fascination with the Dempster Highway area. “There’s something in the air that makes you feel the people that have been before you, or the caribou that have been through there, but you can’t see,” he says.“I think there’s lots of good old ghosts and spectres that are somehow affecting everybody …

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Living in the Yukon, people want to enjoy summer to the fullest, “summer” being those 14 to 21 days randomly sprinkled across June, July, and August. Gardeners are no different.The perception of many is that a long, hot summer brings an abundance of produce normally grown in hot houses down south. In truth though, a scorching summer …

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Shadows from Light

One road in, one road out — that’s Broadchurch, a picturesque town on the Dorset coast of Britain. So when 11-year-old Danny Latimer is found murdered on the shore, the evidence indicates that the killer is a local, hiding in plain sight. Danny’s parents and his teenage sister Chloe prepare a list of suspects that …

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Shakin’ a Leg in Central Yukon

Keno. The tiny mining town 60 km north of Mayo is just far enough off the beaten track to possess exotic appeal. Ask Lara Lewis, vocalist and keyboardist for the Whitehorse band, Black Iron Blossom.“Keno has a certain allure to it,” says Lewis. “It’s the town at the end of the road.”It’s an allure that …

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A Mothering Hen

When Kaska master carver Dennis Shorty talks about his art, the conversation is more likely to focus on his respect for the materials he uses than on his finished products. “When I pick up that piece of wood, that piece of wood came off a tree and it’s still alive. And now it’s laying on the ground and …

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