Issue 2014-09-04

September 4, 2014 Issue #394
Eye Of The Storm

Rethinking the Northern Lights

If you ask visitors for adjectives describing the northern lights, they might say beautiful, mysterious, auspicious, captivating, haunting, inspiring, and magical. But I’m no visitor. I’ve been craning my neck skyward towards the aurora borealis since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and gradually I began to lose interest in their ghostly sky-dance. Last winter, …

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Don’s Famous Peaches

Famous Peaches SUBHEAD: A breakfast fit for the fit by Don Graham I normally buy two cases of Canadian grown peaches to last me one winter. They generally cost anywhere from $18 to $27 per case. My preferred variety is freestone peaches, where the pit is easy to remove. I store them in the basement …

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Sheep Hunting Part 3

Many new gun cartridges have come to the market in the last few years. A number of them are in the 30-calibre-and-under range, and would be excellent for a sheep rifle. The old standbys, such as .270, .308 or .30-06 will never let you down if you do your part; they are also suitable for …

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Living With Wildlife: Simon Lauer

My name is Simon Lauer. I am 11-years-old and am e-mailing you to send in a pic for Living with Wildlife.  I met Mr. Squirrel in a forest near my house. I took the pic with my 14 Mega Pixels FujiFilm camera. I hope I can see my picture in the mag.

A Piece of Alaska-Yukon History

On a cold and cloudy February day in 1899 a group of eleven men boarded the City of Seattle, a ship bounded for Skagway, Alaska. Some were former gold miners who had been North before, and could not stay away; others were entrepreneurs and businessmen. In the ship saloon they found themselves telling tales from …

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My Son, Edward

My son Edward Kyikavichick is handicapped. Since birth, he lived in Whitehorse in a foster home for many years. This allowed us, his parents, to live and practice their traditional lifestyle in Old Crow. Since the elderly couple Lynn and Roy Smith, well respected, passed on, he now lives at home.  Edward goes out on …

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Northern Exposure

My first time skinny-dip comes among a swirl of firsts. It happens in Atlin, my first time in that pretty town, in my first month living in the Yukon. It’s my first time taking my clothes off where strangers can see me, my first time standing tall and nude in the unshielding bright of day. …

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The peninsular city of Halifax isn’t a safe place to bicycle commute, but that sure makes it fun. The streets in the hilled port city are from a single-lane, dirt, horse-pulled-cart era. They graduated from dirt to cobblestone to pavement in most areas, but they didn’t end up widening the streets in a lot of …

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